Oracle Independent Consultants LLC serves the Oracle
independent consultants by providing resources,
discounted products and services, and sales and marketing
incentives to encourage and help each Member Consultant
grow his or her own Oracle Consulting Practice, share
gross margins on OIC LLC owned contracts and generate
passive income through referral fees.

The cost to become a Member Consultant of OIC LLC
$24.95 per month on a month to month basis.  
Alternatively, you can save 20% by paying $240 for an
annual membership.


Membership to the Oracle Independent Consultants LLC
provides you with significant benefits are described on the
Home Page.  Benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Priority Placement Services
  • Weekly Payroll with Direct Deposits
  • Share Percentage of Gross Profit
  • Access to Group Health Insurance
  • Access to the OIC LLC Oracle Partner Network
  • Access to the OIC LLC Job Board  
  • Access to Oracle Vision Instances for Release
    11.5.10 and Release 12.0.5
  • Opportunity to mentor Student Interns
  • Increase Revenue by providing post go-live mentor
    services to clients
  • Earn Referral Fees for Leads and other opportunities
    resulting in additional revenue
  • Discounted car rental, hotel, and other business
  • Support of other Member Consultants
  • Access to Web Conferencing Tools

Other Major Benefits

  • Eliminate fear, anxiety and stress caused by
    worrying about getting paid
  • Eliminate the need to do business with brokers,
    recruiters and staffing agencies that provide little
    added value but markup your rates
  • Eliminate discussions with brokers, recruiters and
    staffing agencies that you can't understand or can't
    answer basic questions about the Oracle
  • Eliminate the need to work more than 40 hours but
    get paid only for 40
  • Eliminate the need to execute bad contracts just
    because you need the project

Cost of Membership

The cost to become a consultant member of the Oracle
Independent Consultants LLC (OIC LLC) is $24.95 per
month.  Or, you can purchase the annual subscription of
$240 and save 20%.

Monthly Membership

Annual Membership        
Monthly Membership
Annual Membership
Initial Membership Fees

Now is the time to take
control of your industry
and also take advantage
of our low initial
membership fees.